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Welcome to our community.

Introducing a Better Way to Create, Store and Exchange Value.

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Consortium Blockchain:

Faster, more efficient and more secure.

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Know Your Customer (KYC) verified members.

Balanced Ecosystem

Balanced Ecosystem:

An alliance of entities and technologies.

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Decentralized wallet:

Total control of your digital assets.

State of the art technology and an incentivized marketing community, perfectly balanced.

What is NetLeaders?

The Community Of Empowerment

We have designed a better kind of network; an ecosystem, where everyone can benefit and be empowered by a myriad of blockchain-based services and applications.

The more that people take part and contribute, the more the system itself is empowered, becoming more valuable to all those that use it.


A New Kind of Global Network

Global Network

Think of all the networks you are a part of. What benefits do you receive for contributing to them? The answer is often little to none. That’s because value goes straight to the network owners and shareholders, and not its participants.

Each member of our community is given the opportunity to empower others into joining the network. In doing so, they are rewarded for their impact, setting the standard for tomorrow's economy. We equip each of our members with the tools and training to market and license access to the Das ecosystem, revolutionizing the way network grow.

Explore the DasEcosystem

Get up-to-date statistics and follow our progress as we move into the future.

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DasEcosystem Advantages

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State-of-the-Art Blockchain Services Integrated with Web Services

Network Services: An Array of Encrypted Data Services


Smart Contracts: Self-Executing and Self-Enforcing

Blockchain-as-a-Service A Network of Blockchains

Infrastructure-as-a-Service: A Spectrum of Applications

DasEcosystem Services

Technology for Tomorrow

Our innovative technology platform combines world-class computer hardware, next-generation blockchain technology, state-of-the-art encryption and KYC authentication services to create a secure, distributed global network.

Individuals, businesses and financial institutions can use our platform to efficiently store and exchange digital assets.

Preformance oriented blockchain

Performance orientated blockchain

The efficiencies of our Consortium Blockchain enable confirmed transactions in just 6 seconds.

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Authenticated user base and KYC compliance

Digital certificates are supported, placing trust into the blockchain protocol. This provides full legal protection for all assets digitized through DasEcosystem.

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Decentralized asset exchange with multiple asset support

Our blockchain-based exchange supports trading multiple digital assets with high performance and guaranteed reliability.


More Than just a Coin

DasCoin is the next step in the evolution of money. Seeking balance, it draws on the strengths of existing money and emerging digital currencies whilst eliminating their weaknesses. DasCoin is the store of value at the heart of DasEcosystem.

Current DasCoin price

Source: DasExchange

DASC 1 = €0.14


Currency of Trust

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