More than 100 NetLeaders advocates from around the world gathered at the NetLeaders Leadership Event at the Island Shangri-La in Hong Kong to participate in our latest global summit.

Previous events organized by NetLeaders had been held in Dubai and Abu Dhabi in late November, preceding a 45-day road show through a multitude of cities in south-east Asia and across Europe.

CEO Michael Mathias unveiled the DasCoin Block Explorer during Sunday’s session, demonstrating how blocks are created on DasCoin’s proprietary Blockchain. Michael detailed how transfers, Cycle submissions, account registrations, tethered accounts, license issue requests, and Cycle issue requests function on the Blockchain and also reviewed the nomenclature of block IDs and master node signatures.

Michael also shared a draft of an exploratory DasCoin White Paper – DasCoin: A Convertible Store of Value Unit within a Digital Asset System. The document discusses how the DasCoin Blockchain establishes a system for securely creating and exchanging cryptographic assets, combining features of Centralized and Decentralized approaches. The White Paper also explains the DasCoin minting process, Blockchain internal exchange, governance of the network, and audit and integrity verification.

There were detailed presentations about the DasCoin Ecosystem and the ongoing initiatives to create dynamic utility within the Ecosystem. Trading exchanges and mobile payments via digital enablement are in the pipeline.

Advocates listened attentively as African government and infrastructure development officials discussed how the DasCoin Blockchain and related ecosystem technologies can solve real-world problems they currently face, and streamline complex processes across many countries.