Nearly 300 delegates came to a two-day event in Zurich, Switzerland to herald the launch of DasCoin’s Blockchain and the start of the minting process.

The most important chapter so far of the DasCoin story began with a day of seminars and training at the Renaissance Zurich Tower Hotel. Delegates then moved to the famous Dolder Grand, which dates back to 1899 and enjoys spectacular views of the Alps and Lake Zurich.  Here, attendees enjoyed a black tie cocktail reception and four-course gourmet dinner.

The heads of DasCoin’s technology partners, Carta Worldwide and Bluzelle Networks, explained how they would assist with mobile payments and smart contracts while expert brand strategists St Luke’s, who will sharpen DasCoin’s communication and branding, were also invited.

Eight keys were simultaneously turned by members of the leadership team and board of directors, completing a circuit that triggered the generation of a DasCoin hologram. At that point the DasCoin Blockchain was officially launched and the minting process – the actual conversion of stored computer network capacity into stored value (or DasCoins) – began.

CEO Michael Mathias said: “The is a monumental milestone for DasCoin and marks the official start of what will be the first cryptocurrency to be embraced by the mainstream.”

DasCoin’s wider financial ecosystem includes WebWallet and DasFinancial. This DasCoin Ecosystem, along with the permissioned Blockchain on which the currency operates, is unique to DasCoin. Both have been developed with an emphasis on security, performance, scalability and accountability. DasCoin’s aim is to provide a viable, day-to-day alternative to the Euro, US dollar and other fiat currencies, for both online and offline transactions.