Students are rushing to sign up to cryptocurrency classes, according to a report in CNBC.

Dan Boneh began teaching a bitcoin and cryptocurrency class in 2015 at Stanford, which quickly attracted more than 100 students. The popularity of the subject has since sky-rocketed, with more than one million people signing up for an online cryptography class he also offers. “Crytpocurrencies are a wonderful way to teach cryptography” said Boneh, who has studied cryptography for almost three decades. He added: “There are a whole bunch of new applications for cryptography that didn’t exist before.” In Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon is using Boneh’s interactive textbook for a class called Special Topics in Cryptography which the school is offering for the first time this year, while the University of California at Berkeley and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Media Lab have both established similar specialised courses. (Source: CNBC)