As we continue to grow the DasEcosystem, a range of valuable services will soon be available that you may wish to exchange your Cycles for. In order to create a framework that will allow you to access these exciting services we are making an important change to all newly acquired NetLeaders licenses.

Up until November 3, all Cycles obtained through the “old” Chartered Licenses were automatically submitted to the DasCoin Minting Queue. But now, for all Enhanced Licences purchased from November 3, you will be required to manually submit Cycles to the Minting Queue instead. You can choose whether to submit all of them, some of them or none of them, and you can submit Cycles whenever you want.

It’s important to understand that any licenses purchased before November 3 will continue to benefit from auto-submission. Similarly, when you increase any license purchased before November 3, any Cycles you receive as part of the Network Upgrade will continue to be auto-submitted to the Minting Queue.

However, with the post-November 3 Enhanced Licenses, when you manually submit Cycles to the Minting Queue you will not be able to enjoy the power and benefits of Network Upgrades. But there is one important point to add. Any new President Licenses will continue benefit from Network Upgrades while they are in the Minting Queue, though you will still need to manually submit Cycles.

Cycles that you choose not to submit to the Minting Queue can either be redeemed for network services, which you will be able to access via a virtual private network or Dropbox facility, or exchanged for other services such as travel club upgrades.

There will, in due course, be another development in the NetLeaders licence evolution path when the Enhanced Licence is replaced by a Basic Licence. With a Basic Licence you will have to manually submit your Cycles to the Minting Queue and the Frequency Lock will be removed.

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