DasCoin’s Anna Hejka has told NetLeaders advocates in Warsaw that people who fail to sign up to innovation in financial technology are going to be irrelevant in the future.

Anna, who joined the Board of Directors at DasCoin in September at the Tokyo Global Summit, said society lost trust in the traditional system of corporate structure and ownership in the 2008 credit crunch. Now, she insisted, was the chance to take advantage of what has been described as the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

She began her Warsaw speech by congratulating NetLeaders for reaching 145 countries. “This is all your work… we all know that you are absolutely amazing. We are in the middle of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and I don’t know if you realise this but you guys are the revolutionaries. You made it happen. The thing that made it possible, obviously, was the revolution of the internet.

“Knowledge is available at any point in time, wherever we are. But still if we want to wire money, if we want to get justice, if we want to play music we have to do it through intermediaries, intermediaries who use their power to take advantage of us. Then came the year 2008. Here in Poland it was relatively easy but my friends in the US were heartbroken. Their system of values had collapsed and they stopped believing in everything around them.

“We are a very ingenious species. Satoshi Nakamoto [the pseudonymous creator of bitcoin] has written his manifesto and the rest is history. It’s about not allowing the system to be so corrupted. It’s majority driven and it’s encrypted. This is the most important revolution of humanity because until now there were a few white men who governed the world; nobody else could get access to power and money. In the US, if you wanted to invest in alternative assets the system made it so that only 1% of people were able to do it – so called accredited investors – unless you were going through intermediaries charging exorbitant fees. So was this a fair world? No it wasn’t and now we are changing it.

“We have digital passports, we have smart contracts, we do not need a lawyer and we don’t need other people. We can just sign the contracts between ourselves and we know it’s going to be there to be fulfilled. We can wire money. We have started the Internet of Value which allows the creators to be fairly paid for what they do and control the fate of their products and services. Blockchain has become the enabling technology of trust. Either we join this train or we’re going to lose out. We’ll be extinct and be the gun fodder for the smart ones, for people like you. Because you’re the ones who are smart enough to see how the world is going and you’re taking advantage of it.

“The only thing that is constant is change. And I would like to add that is an accelerating change. Technology has allowed us to fulfil our aspirations, not to be cogs in someone else’s machines but shape our future in a way that will make us happy and the people around us happy. If you believe in something that is great then you will have great thoughts.”

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