Last week in Dubai, we showed for the first time the Vision Film delivered by Michael Mathias, CEO of DasCoin. It details his inquisitive nature as a child, his search for a fairer world in which prosperity is more evenly distributed and charts his hopes for the future of the enterprise. You can scroll down to see the film itself, and here you can read the full transcript:

As a child, I was always looking around at the world and trying to determine what was missing and what was needed – how things could be better. I’ve always wanted to push boundaries so I’ve been drawn to outside-of-the-box type of solutions and I’ve always looked to combine elements that maybe aren’t normally combined. I think it’s part of my nature. I very much have been aware of this theme of balance and I’ve felt naturally, inside of us all, there is this growing awareness that something is off. When you see homeless people in the streets, something is wrong about that, something doesn’t feel right. You see institutions serving themselves, not the will of the people, and there is the potential that if we continue to let the process of centralization and the centralized institutions take the power from us then there’s a huge risk of going even further off balance.

So this is a moment where our choice needs to be made. We need to put into position a system that supports the will of the collective. The entire mission of what we’re doing with Das is to spread prosperity by creating a system that is perpetually in balance. We’ve created an ecosystem where all the elements for creating, storing and exchanging value are in this symbiotic relationship and it allows for an immense amount of value to be created and for that value to be distributed in a very equitable manner among the participants of this system. I feel that technology is really what’s enabling this paradigm shift but we can’t lose our humanity in the process so what we’ve tried to do with the DasEcosystem is to combine the best elements of what the technology can do with the best elements of us as people and who we are.

And that’s really what this whole enterprise is about: experimenting with that combination of technology and people in ways that are in alignment with where we need to go to reach that full potential. I think we are going to create an amazing new direction for the world to travel in. I believe the ecosystem has been established and is now primed to grow in a myriad of ways and all of these are reinforcing directions that will bring out the full potential of who we are as a people. So I think the future is extremely bright and I’m very pleased we’re on this path now. We just need to have more and more people to see what we see and come with us to where we’re going.

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