Thank you once again to everyone who made it out to Dubai for our Global Leadership Summit. We hope many advocates, whether you were there or not, have already read up on the key announcements for 2018 that came out of Dubai via our blog. If not, that remains the best place to head to for our summary of how 2018 looks for DasCoin, NetLeaders and the DasEcosystem at large. We will also have plenty of Dubai-focused video content appearing imminently in the NetLeaders back office and on our Facebook and YouTube pages. In fact, you can already see the summary video from Dubai now. Congratulations to Ireland on winning the Champions Trophy. Who will take it home next?

Start thinking about Rio
It is only six weeks until our next major event so start clearing space in your diary for the NetLeaders Global Summit in Rio. The event will take place January 11 -12 at a venue to be announced in due course. We’ll have a full update for you shortly.

New websites online, new video on its way
The new DasCoin and NetLeaders sites are now live. We hope you’re enjoying using them and that they can act as a powerful tool in helping you educate the world about what we do and our ecosystem. Look out for video interviews in the ‘About Us’ section of each website – which you’ll start to see in the coming weeks, and translation into a range of languages. There is also an updated opportunity presentation document in development, which is ideal for introducing the business to new prospects and will be translated into a number of languages too.

The Vision of DasCoin
The DasCoin Vision film will soon be available in the NetLeaders back office translated into nine languages. A tool kit and tips on how to maximize effective use of the film across your own social media channels will accompany it. If you’ve not seen it yet, it charts the mission, vision and future of DasCoin as seen through the eyes of Founder and CEO Michael Mathias. It premiered to advocates in Dubai and you can also watch it on YouTube at your leisure. Please hit the thumbs up and share it as much as possible.

Get on brand, get compliant!
There was an important speech in Dubai from Chief Corporate Affairs Officer Tho Yow Yin in which he urged advocates to read the rules and regulations on the NetLeaders website, particularly regarding social media activity. Material that is shared on social media by advocates is likely to be treated with more credibility by your peers than our own company messages, so it’s important that information is accurate and respects the code of conduct required from the community. Equally the company will be communicating more publicly on behalf of the network moving forward, making it even more important for us all to be communicating the same message. Tho explained: “We don’t want any of you to be involved with the mass media unless with permission of the company. If you want to give an interview on TV, check with the company. If you want to speak at a convention ask the company for permission. When you go on social media it is good to communicate your involvement with the company. Personal testimonies are very powerful and they can help people understand why you have joined NetLeaders. Do refer people to the company website, and provide links to our website. You can share company videos and other materials, but make sure this is the latest material and not something that is out of date. The marketing team are developing templates for all of you to use, space for you to be creative and put in your own content. We would encourage all of you to migrate onto these templates”. Most importantly it must be clear that you are not an employee of the company but an advocate – allowing the public and press to identify official company communications.

Chief Corporate Affairs Officer Tho Yow Yin gave a very important speech in Dubai

Social media checklist, and how to report violations
• Do not use any company material or trademarks without permission of the company
• Do not use the term “investment” in your postings
• Do not provide any income projections
• Do not show any of your earnings online
• Do not post any misleading information and always describe yourself as an independent advocate

If you know that someone is violating the rules and regulations, please contact us via [email protected]. Anonymity is assured. We will work closely with the advocate in question to resolve the issue. Our goal is always to help your business rather than hinder it. Where infringements are not corrected, we will take any necessary actions including issuing fines, withholding commissions or payments, or in the worst case terminating the advocate’s licence. As we move closer to the launch of DasCoin on public exchanges, it’s more important than ever to work as a team.

Frequency Lock
The current Frequency Lock is 12.7 and is set to increase again on December 16 at 00.01 CET. Please remember that for any NetLeaders licenses acquired since November 3 you must for the first time manually submit Cycles to the Minting Queue. This requires you to own a Validator hardware device. For any further clarification on any aspect of the license system, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via [email protected]

Be a social pro
Remember – with Buzzeteer you can create brilliant, engaging imagery and schedule social media posts that will fire off content to all your social media accounts. You can get a free account at and a free 14-day trial of the Pro version – where you’ll be able to try out the powerful image editor. The Pro version also allows you to improve and measure campaign performance by measuring the effectiveness of content and hashtags. You’ll receive full analytics including optimal times of day to post and other powerful recommendations. We’ve negotiated a great price for the Pro version of Buzzeteer (50% off) but it’s only available until December 10.
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