The weekly webinar hosted by John Pretto, Director of NetLeaders, has addressed the important issue of how to deal with negative online material regarding the DasEcosystem.

Pascal van Knijff, Digital Marketing Director (pictured on stage in Dubai), proposed a four-step procedure all advocates could carry out in order to boost positive articles and videos, and take attention away from negative ones. His advice is to:

  • Type a generic search term into Google, such as “DasCoin” or “NetLeaders”
  • Out of the top 50 results provided, click on all the positive links
  • Keep those links open on your browser for at least three minutes
  • Share those links widely across your preferred social media channels

So how do we deal with the negative stuff? The advice here is not to “fuel” the arguments by wading in with clicks, comments and shares but to completely avoid them. If there is a particular piece of material that you believe other advocates should be aware of then use the Snapito online tool to screenshot the offending article or go to to capture video and distribute it that way. Using these two platforms means that negative content can be shared without boosting its status within online search parameters.

We know that the majority of online content around the DasEcosystem is positive, and many of you are doing a great job in helping spread the word. It is in all of our interests to continue to share the good and avoid the temptation of getting involved in the bad. John said: “Those people who have slandered us we will take libel action against them. We are adamant about our reputation and we are watching this very, very closely. If you click and spend time on these [negative] sites you are only building them up.”

John added: “I’m looking forward to the next version of the back office of NetLeaders and that’s coming soon – enhanced features, reports, career rankings and how to get to the next level. We continually improve, we have 30 web developers in Serbia working on stuff, a huge amount of resources being poured in to make things better. The next event in January [in Rio], details are being worked on right now.”

There are two more Wednesday webinars scheduled before Christmas. A mystery guest speaker will be online next week and on December 20 Terry O’Hearn, Director of DasFinancial, will address advocates.

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