We’ve come a long, long way in 12 months… And in this blog wrapping up the key events of 2017, we chart the exponential growth of DasCoin as a cryptocurrency enterprise, the potential of DasPay as a user-friendly payment system, the exciting news of the public exchange launch next spring and much more besides. The most important message though is that we would be unable to achieve our aims without your support and belief in us, so thank you!


An indication of the growing popularity of DasCoin, particularly in Poland, came amid temperatures of -20C at a NetLeaders event in Warsaw. Hundreds of advocates arrived early and happily queued up for hours in the bitter cold before the doors were opened up. Some inspiring presentations were met with loud cheers of approval and there was plenty of detail on the Blockchain that governs the DasEcosystem. By the end of the month, the chill of central Europe had been swapped for the balmier climes of Hong Kong where more than 100 NetLeaders gathered for what was truly a seminal moment: Founder & CEO Michael Mathias revealed the DasCoin White Paper. For the first time, the ethos, function and future of the DasEcosystem was laid out for public scrutiny. Hong Kong delegates also heard how initiatives for DasCoin to reach trading exchanges were in place while the advent of mobile payments – DasPay – was also revealed.


The headlines kept coming in 2017 and Zurich, Switzerland was the venue for a black-tie four-course gourmet dinner at the spectacular Dolder Grand. And there was a special bit of history to savour as eight keys were simultaneously turned by members of the leadership team and board of directors to trigger the generation of a DasCoin hologram. At that point the DasCoin Blockchain was officially launched and the minting process – the actual conversion of stored computer network capacity into stored value (or DasCoins) – began. CEO Michael Mathias said: “This a monumental milestone for DasCoin and marks the official start of what will be the first cryptocurrency to be embraced by the mainstream.”


After a relatively quiet summer in terms of major news – though many of you were of course out there busily building the network – Tokyo, Japan became the next stop on the DasExpress highway. (OK, there is no such thing as the DasExpress, but it sounds good, right?) Anyway, back to Tokyo. To a hubbub of excitement, the DasExchange was launched by George Sarcevich, Director of WebWallet, and a single DasCoin changed hands for the first time at a value of €0.33. But somehow Terry O’Hearn, Director of DasFinancial, pulled a rabbit out of the hat to top this. He revealed that as of 2018, the DasEcosystem would start hosting a small number of hand-picked ICOs, bringing huge liquidity into the business. The first of these ICOs is likely to be DasPay – a perfect way to prove the ecosystem has what it takes to support ICO-based businesses.


1) A big date for DasCoin and the importance of DasPay
It was back to Warsaw for a NetLeaders-hosted event featuring DasCoin’s big hitters delivering power-packed statements. Michael announced DasCoin would start trading on a selection of carefully vetted public exchanges from 31 March 2018. That date is already firmly inked into many advocates’ diaries. But there was more: DasPay was put front and centre of the company vision too. Michael said that having a cryptocurrency with which you can make purchases almost instantaneously, using the same mechanism behind Mastercard and Visa, was a potential game-changer. He said DasPay was “a very unique way of creating utility and liquidity” to the ecosystem.

2) The Vision Film launches
It charts Michael’s inquisitive nature as a child, his search for a fairer world in which prosperity is more evenly distributed and his fundamental belief that DasCoin is on the right path to achieve that goal. It is the DasCoin Vision Film and it premiered to advocates at the Leadership Summit in Dubai. Its final message is a poignant one – that DasCoin is an enterprise that will be delivered by the people, and for the people. As Michael says: “I think we are going to create an amazing new direction for the world to travel in. I believe the ecosystem has been established and is now primed to grow in a myriad of ways and all of these are reinforcing directions that will bring out the full potential of who we are as a people.”

3) Las Vegas at forefront of expansion
So much was revealed in Dubai, that we wrote a blog with its 12 key messages and still found we had room to write another with further important information squirrelled away inside it. But top of the pile was perhaps our imminent Las Vegas expansion. A NetLeaders USA office operating out of Las Vegas is due to be opened in 2018 while a major global leadership event will be scheduled for the summer in the city often described as the entertainment capital of the world. John Pretto, Director of NetLeaders, said: “We got the keys to a new office last Friday and we are excited to have it in preparation for the 2018 launch of NetLeaders USA. We’re very excited also to announce a big event in June 2018. We are finalising the property we are going to stay at and it’s going to be absolutely amazing. So come visit us in the office in Las Vegas and have a fantastic time!”

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