Terry O’Hearn, Chairman of DasFinancial, has been mapping out an exciting 2018 for DasPay, which looks set to become a flagship brand within the DasEcosystem. Speaking on the NetLeaders weekly webinar on Wednesday, he said DasPay was “widely considered our silver bullet”, and is due to become available as a payment system following a launch in June, tentatively slated for Las Vegas.

The current plan is for DasPay to operate via smartphone and card, except that the user would be spending actual cryptocurrency via a debit mechanism rather than through a pre-loaded method. There is a strong chance it will be multi-currency and it’s also possible that there could be multiple card options. Terry said there would be plenty of further detail about DasPay announced at the Global Summit in Rio on January 11 – 12.

He explained: “DasPay is one of the reasons DasCoin is going to be mainstream. There will be a way of transferring value to your card in a local currency that you need rather than let the payments system do it on the back end, so you will control the exchange. Multi-currency cards are fast and up and coming as the card of choice so that is a very exciting solution. We will start out focusing on DasCoin but also featuring multiple cryptocurrencies in the future which will be very exciting and powerful.”

“We need everyone to be working towards that goal of rapidly growing numbers”
Terry O’Hearn, Chairman, DasFinancial

He continued: “DasPay is just one of the ICOs we will welcome on to our platform assuming we can get all the appropriate regulatory approvals. We are very confident about it and the team we have working on it will have great things to share about it. I want to give everyone assurance that things are right on track.

“DasPay happening is not dependent on the ICO. It will be used as an accelerant to grow. But assuming the ICO can happen and we get regulatory approval we are going to do that. It makes sense to aim towards the latter part of Q2 and hopefully in Las Vegas. It’s really critical we have good liquidity on the exchanges. When you do a DasPay transaction you need to ping the exchange to get a real-time price on DasCoin so we need everyone to be working towards that goal of rapidly growing numbers, both quantity of users and the individual wallets that are supporting the infrastructure that’s needed on a global basis.”

Terry also confirmed DasCoin’s launch onto public exchanges was scheduled for March 24 in London at a landmark event. And the plan is for the coin to be listed on a wide spectrum of exchanges following collaboration with other FinTech companies. Although the search for advocates continues, he added: “It’s OK if they’re just looking to buy coins from the exchange. We’re looking at creating programmes that will help us with liquidity and demand. We are also looking at ways of creating scarcity which will be very important.”

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