We’ve come up with the best way to banish those January blues. We are running a special NetLeaders promotion ahead of our big London event this spring which is open to anyone buying new licenses or increasing an existing license.

Starting on Monday January 8, and running for three weeks, we will conduct a prize draw – and you will be automatically entered if you buy or increase a license at any point between January 8 – 28.

In each week, there will be three prize winners. One will receive a free VIP ticket to our London event, when DasCoin will be launched onto public exchanges for the first time. It will be the most important date yet for DasCoin and the DasEcosystem.

A second winner will receive flight reimbursement to the value of €500 in addition to a free VIP ticket for London, while a third winner will get both of those two great rewards, plus €500 hotel expenses.

That means there will be three winners in each of the three weeks. And at the end of the promotion, which concludes on January 28, those nine winners will all go forward to a further prize draw. The winner of that receives a money-can’t-buy mystery prize.

The London event will be a historic moment for the NetLeaders community, and nobody will want to miss a fabulous opportunity to network and grow their contact base in what remains the world’s leading financial centre. You will also be able to say “I was there” at the moment that DasCoin goes public and is instantly accessible to the world’s entire population of cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

You can treble your chances of being a winner by buying or increasing a license in each of the three weeks that the promotion runs.

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