On the eve of the NetLeaders Global Summit in Rio, chairman John Pretto revealed that license-holders would soon be able to access some guidance on the altcoin market.

John was not able to travel to Brazil after problems in obtaining a visa in a limited time frame. However he was on hand, as ever on a Wednesday, to speak to the NetLeaders community via the weekly webinar.

From his Las Vegas office, John introduced the new President of NetLeaders, Richard Wright, who had already landed in Brazil and will address advocates in Rio on Friday morning in one of the major early speeches. After speaking broadly about the proven effectiveness of NetLeaders summits in allowing advocates to expand their networks, John then turned his attention to the general crypto space.

At a time of some dramatic price swings for coins such as Ripple and Ethereum, he said: “My phone’s ringing off the hook about all the altcoins. A lot of people are day-trading in this space and it’s difficult to keep up, but we are working on some information to help people really evaluate the value proposition of any coin. There are fundamental principles you can study and and we will put together some materials for you guys to understand what attributes are important. A ton of these coins are absolute garbage; there are some that have a lot of merit so this is an interesting time to watch altcoin mania.”

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