April 28 has been announced as the final confirmed date for the most important event yet in the history of DasCoin, the moment that the coin is launched onto public exchanges.

This is such an important moment in the history of our community and the DasEcosystem that we felt it was vital to give ourselves further time to find somewhere big enough to cope with the expected demand. Battersea Evolution, the venue we have now secured, has a capacity of 4,000 – exactly the kind of number we expect to attract for this monumental date with destiny.

Speaking on the NetLeaders Wednesday Webinar, John Pretto, Director of NetLeaders, said: “We thought this was such a significant milestone in the history of the DasEcosystem that we wanted to find a larger venue. The marketing messages around us launching on the exchanges are very important and we thought the extra 30 days would also make a big difference to help with the strategic side. Having this larger venue and having an extra 30 days to flesh out the marketing plan for this critically important milestone for DasCoin is the right thing to do.”

John’s NetLeaders USA colleague Michael McGhee, also speaking on the Wednesday Webinar, added: “It would have been much more difficult to provide a quality experience for advocates in a smaller venue. The leverage is going to be fantastic. If you’re on a call today, do everything you can to get your contacts to London. It’s so important and it will be worth the wait.”

This means we have even more time to have DasCoin listed on a wide range of different exchanges. At last week’s Global Summit in Rio, Terry O’Hearn, Chairman of DasFinancial, said: “We are not going to announce the exchanges we will be on until the London event but know that we have a strategy to get on as many exchanges as possible. It won’t be a short-term project, it will be an ongoing project. Some of the exchanges will be a challenge, others will be welcoming.”

Improving the payout system

John revealed that the payout system designed for advocates to withdraw commission funds is about to be updated and improved. Advocates will find it much simpler and faster to access payouts. Best of all, the new system will keep us compliant as we aim to safeguard DasCoin’s positioning as the currency of trust. “We have decided to introduce an international worldwide platform in order to facilitate these payments,” said John. “We’re hoping the new platform can go live as soon as next week. If you have any issues communicate them to support. KYC [the ‘Know Your Customer’ protocol] is critically important as we communicate directly to the regulators and the finance community. It’s always been part of our model. We are KYCd on WebWallet but now we need to do KYC on the front end and that’s what we are going to do with these wire payments.”

Michael’s Rio wrap

Michael had some upbeat reflections on the Gobal Summit in Rio to report on. “We had well over 1,500 in for the CryptoMission event on the Thursday. It was unbelievable, the interest in what we are doing in Rio was off the hook. It was an energising event and people there are very knowledgeable about cryptocurrency. The next day we had an amazing set of speakers. Terry O’Hearn gave us some great updates on the exchange and the roadmap to London. On February 7 and February 28 there will be important updates in which Terry will be with us on the Webinar. The exchange is happening, DasPay is happening. We’ve brought in a new President of NetLeaders worldwide. Richard Wright is an unbelievable executive whose appointment demonstrates our commitment to strengthening our management team. His major skillset is in communications. He is committed to bringing a tool set for the advocates, the new back office which was presented by Doug Abell. The new back office really shows you clearly how to get to the next level in the career plan and what the rewards are. That’s what everyone wants to know. Our new educational platform, NetLeaders University, will gives us the opportunity to teach and replicate learning. Learning is earning and that’s integrated with our back office and will be available in February.”

The Venetian Hotel

The Venetian Hotel and Casino: Our venue for the Las Vegas launch of NetLeaders USA

June launch for Las Vegas!

The potential of the US market for us is enormous and we can confirm that Netleaders USA will launch on June 30 in Las Vegas. “It’s perhaps going to be our biggest global event ever,” said Michael. “The interest is unbelievable. It’s the Venetian Hotel and Casino – there are two properties there and about 5,000 hotel rooms. If you’ve never been to Vegas this is one of the premier locations with Italian gondolas inside the property. It’s an exciting place to be at this time of year. Find a way to get your people to Vegas! If you have potential US advocates, because we can’t officially open doesn’t mean we can’t help you with them. If you have people you know in the US who want to get involved with NetLeaders get them in touch with us we will prepare them for the biggest opportunity in their lives.”

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