As many of you know, we enjoyed a memorable Global Summit in Rio on 11-12 January. Our first event in South America was phenomenally well attended, with around 1,500 local cryptocurrency fans joining us for the Thursday CryptoMission seminar before we went into a full day of announcements, training and networking on the Friday. Here is your bitesize guide to some of the highlights, while look out for further blogs later this week. We will look at some spectacular news from DasFinancial on Wednesday, and on Thursday take you through our ultimate guide to social media.

Anna Hejka: Rapid adoption means compliance is ‘critical’

Non-executive board director Anna Hejka told advocates that DasCoin was ideally placed to blossom in a cryptocurrency world set to face deeper regulation and compliance issues. She began by telling advocates what had drawn her to DasCoin in the first place.

“You probably have realised already that Blockchain has commoditized trust the way the internet has commoditized information. One of the things I liked about the company and one of the reason I decided to join as a board member, apart from just having a meeting of minds with Michael Mathias, is that this is an ecosystem. It is not a single company doing a single thing. It’s a network of companies working together who will be able to leverage off each other and take advantage of everything the future has already brought to us.

“You guys are the foundation of the success and one thing I want to leave you with is that compliance is going to be critical this year. Cryptocurrency’s market cap has been going up in leaps and bounds. This amazing success has made a lot of regulators nervous because many of the ICOs have been raising money without even having a business plan behind them. This was a space that was a Wild West, but regulators all over the world are either embracing the new technology or being scared of it and we have to be very aware of it.

“DasCoin’s fully authenticated network is very unusual. We are decentralized and balanced at the same time. We are community-based, with incentivized marketing. We have rapid network expansion. We are responsive with a transparent system of governance and we will be accepted by 10s of millions of merchants.”

The new NetLeaders back office

Doug Abel and Zoran Tadic explained how the new NetLeaders back office would provide advocates with a user-friendly experience while making it easier to take command of their access to the DasEcosystem. There are also some important authentication issues coming through. Advocates with lifetime earning in excess of 600 euros need to be KYC-verified first before requesting payouts. Redeeming gift code vouchers also requires KYC verification. If you are already KYCd in WebWallet you need to go through the process separately within the NetLeaders website too.

Transaction history, requested by many advocates, will be easy to find and you can download receipts. The new media section will feature all the NetLeaders Wednesday Webinars, plus the various documents and presentation slides needed to help you buils your network. The Shop is a much easier to use area, while the dashboard will help advocates work their way through the Career Plan by clearly explaining where they are on the ladder and what they need to do to achieve the next stage.

Las Vegas news and the NetLeaders University

The NetLeaders USA office, situated just 10 minutes from the airport, is 95% complete. The webcast and training facility is already, and the location – just 10 minutes from the airport – is handy for anyone wanting to make a flying visit to the US. Michael McGhee, of NetLeaders USA, said: “We’re working with you guys to make sure your contacts in the US are ready to go when the US market takes off. There is an open invitation for advocates to come and visit our offices from 1 February.” The summit in Las Vegas on 30 June “is going to be our largest global event, we’re pretty sure of that,” added Michael.

Michael also took advocates through the NetLeaders University, which is projected to be fully functional at some point in February, and will be accessible from the Education tab of the NetLeaders back office. Michael said: “It is designed for different learning styles – visual, auditory and kinesthetic. This system is multi-lingual. The importance of language in meeting cultural leads of our network has never been so important. It’s the only way we’re going to make it big, big, big. Advocates will be able to complete tests, access progress reports, customize the experience to suit their personal needs, and download certificates in what will be a “continuous learning” sphere.

Opportunity knocks

Ed Rosso, Brand Manager of NetLeaders, presented the new Opportunity Deck, a powerpoint presentation that will live in the back office and is a perfect introductory tool for your prospects to access the DasEcosystem.

It details the exponential growth that the cryptocurrency sector has already experienced, Bitcoin’s gradual loss of dominance and the “DasCoin difference” – demonstrating the speed, scalability and security of our coin. The presentation demonstrates the function of the DasExchange and the WebWallet. It demonstrates how Cycles and Frequency work, the advantages of joining the network early and explains the various types of license that are available.

Wrapping up 2017

And finally, here’s a quick video recapping our 2017 achievements. If you’re impressed by this, 2018 will knock your socks off.

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