Great news! We have put 15 of the best Rio presentations into the brand new NetLeaders Back Office, and you can download them all via the “Media” section now. If you are not yet familiar with how to find the Back Office, simply click on the “Dashboard” link on the NetLeaders home page.

In “Media” and under Event Summaries, you will find five links, one of which is headlined Rio Global Summit presentations. Three of the CryptoMission seminars are there: Blair Baker’s update on cryptocurrency from a South American perspective, Michael Mathias’s introduction to DasCoin and a “How to Profit from Cryptocurrency” guide by Paulo Martins.

You will then see a bumper folder from our NetLeaders presentations, with 12 speeches all ready for you to download and view at your leisure. Where applicable, these all come with click-to-play videos from our YouTube channel, and they all feature the presentation slides in full, as full-frame pdf files in high resolution.

Ones that are sure to be popular among our advocate base are:

  • Anna Hejka’s speech on the importance of compliance
  • Michael McGhee’s introduction to the NetLeaders University
  • Our guide to the new NetLeaders Back Office
  • Terry O’Hearn’s news about the ‘Project Apex’ exchange

The new Back Office

The new NetLeaders Back Office is a really important resource for advocates and a goldmine for those seeking to access information on the Career Plan, alongside education and media tools. For example, if you ever miss one of our popular Wednesday Webinars, you will find that they can all be accessed via the media tab. Above all else, you will find it much easier to access the elements you have asked us for. Transaction history, requested by many advocates, will be easy to find and you can download receipts. We will continually work on improving the Back Office even more and there will be some important updates coming soon, with plenty of work going on behind the scenes to prepare for the launch of the NetLeaders University, which will go online under the education tab. Coming even sooner: all the slides from the Rio presentations saved as easy-to-read pdf files.

Payments in, payments out

Speaking on this week’s Wednesday Webinar, John Pretto, Director of NetLeaders, revealed a new customer solution to facilitate pay-in and pay-out is being developed and will be in the new NetLeaders Back Office before long. He said: “It’s been a lot of work but this is very, very close to being implemented. We’ve done several tests and it’s going to be very exciting. This has been priority number one for our accounting team.” The current Frequency is set at 14.8 for the next 13 days.

Second film in board of directors series goes live

We have just published the second in our series of films focusing on the independent board of directors at DasCoin. Our film on Eberhard Wedekind, which you can watch now on YouTube and Facebook, details his background in computer science and industry. He was employed in a series of senior roles by Volvo CE before being invited to join the board. Eberhard says: “The DasCoin vision is very strong. We are not throwing a coin onto the market, we are trying to build a complete digital asset system. I believe there will be a massive shake-out of all the participators in the market and the ones that have strength in execution will succeed. The ambition is that DasCoin will be part of this group.” If you have not yet caught the Anna Hejka film then we encourage you to catch that too. And in the coming fortnight, we will feature similar films centering on Soon Hock Lim and Professor Augustine Ha Ton Vinh.

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