Carta Worldwide CEO Brian Semkiw has issued some incredibly upbeat news around his company’s relationship with DasCoin and his ambitions regarding the scope and scale of DasPay. A special guest on NetLeaders Director John Pretto’s Weekly Webcast, Brian said DasPay was deliverable by the end of June and was an “incredibly important product” in its own right.

Brian’s company is a global leader in digital payment solutions having worked with most of the key players in the sector. In a surprise announcement, he said Carta is already eyeing the potential of the DasCoin Blockchain to launch new applications on behalf of its own clients. He intends to meet advocates in London on April 28, when we’ll begin trading on public exchanges for the first time, to elaborate further.

He said: “DasPay is our first deliverable and the most important thing we need to get onto the marketplace. It’s an incredibly important product but beyond that we are incredibly excited about accessing the Dascoin Blockchain technology and building unique applications for our customer base. We are very excited about step two, but hopefully you will all get DasPay applications on your phones and and we’ll be doing a DasPay transaction in the summer. I am definitely coming to London in April so come and see me!”

Brian, who was joined by DasFinancial Chairman Terry O’Hearn on the webcast, added: “We are incredibly excited about Blockchain and cryptocurrency and we are very excited about our relationship with DasCoin, NetLeaders and DasPay. With DasPay, the tricky part is to do many, many very complicated transactions in milliseconds. What’s good for you is that we have done similar things for other people; we are not doing something that’s never been done before.

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“It will feel to the users of DasPay that DasCoin will be in their wallet and they will go to a point-of-sale device and they will use their phone or their card and it will feel just like a normal Visa or Mastercard transaction. We are expecting a very strong product that is very effective in the marketplace. And we think DasPay should be able to go by the end of Q2 (June 30) – that’s our target.”

He explained in some details about Carta’s experience at dealing with similar projects and outlined the need for the traditional banking industry to move with the times.

“The platforms that banks use are very old and archaic and are written in languages that people don’t write in. Banks need to move to next generation platforms and need to do it very, very quickly. There is lots of disruption taking place in the banking world. The main point is that only 13% of banks consider their core systems are able to support the new digital ecosystem.

“We have been instrumental in working with Mastercard and we were the first people in the world to process an Apple Pay transaction. We were the first processor in the world to enable the PayPal account to work at point-of-sale level. We are involved in paying out Uber drivers, and have worked with TransferWise which a lot of people will be familiar with. A number of these companies are disrupting the way banks are operating and it is a result of that disruption that these companies are excelling.”

He also said DasCoin was in a position of great strength by setting such a high importance on issues of compliance, trust and authentication. “Maybe the other thing to comment on is Mastercard and Visa’s reception to cryptocurrency. The whole trick is to make sure you stay within regulations. We know how to do that. My sense is that they’re generally for crypto. They have made some moves into the Blockchain world themselves, they’ve discussed crypto themselves but they’re cautious with people who step outside their rules. So they have a set of rules and we have to stay within those rules. You guys are very big on regulation so it’s not a problem for DasCoin and DasPay.”