PASCAL VAN KNIJFF, digital marketing director of NetLeaders, pens a guest blog on the importance of creating a powerful, effective and responsible social media presence. As our Operation Google campaign begins, take time to absorb and act on his thoughts. Meanwhile, you can download Pascal’s full 34-page social media workbook, which will really help you master this sector, via this link.

In today’s world, meeting with prospects and creating your own lead generation website that is easy-to-use and responsive to mobile devices is not enough. Prospects are just like people. They want to connect with you, they want to “Google” you, and learn about why you have the expertise they need.

I’ve found that social media marketing really is all about a digitally enhanced “conversation”. And it is crucial to determine how you want to find, follow and fuel these conversations using the right strategy and tools to convert these conversations into genuine connections. All the while, you will establish authority and thought leadership.

  1. Find keywords and influencers and look at online reputation

The first step is to identify the appropriate keywords and keyword phrases These can include a combination of niche descriptions and niche specific terms as the base of your narrative and conversations. Getting this right means focusing on your goals and increased conversational response.

Meta tags (keywords) need to be used throughout entire your webscape as part of a comprehensive web strategy and also through your continued dispersion of content. Don’t forget to include geocentric terms!

It is very important to identify who the influencers are in your domain space. List them along with their prolific and preferred platforms and be sure to follow them. A third important element is to embracee and reflect on our current reputation on appropriate sites.

  1. Optimize current social media accounts/outlets

Optimize current social media outlets with descriptions that include keywords. But be sure to create consistency and be compliant on all new media outlets that allow for customization. Also, think of creating an iconic avatar with keyword-rich descriptions and brand all your accounts. Following simple best practices for new media is essential. Optimized, compelling content and massive value are the keys to success.

  1. Create additional accounts

If you don’t have them already, create additional accounts on blog platforms (eg wordpress), video sites and social bookmarking pages (eg Pinterest), plus Instagram, Snapchat, Telegram, etc. It might also help to list your physical presence on the local/mobile directory of Google. To be fully comprehensive, your whole webscape (social media presenence) strategy must be ubiquitous. But continuous and intentional management of your outlets is essential.

  1. Build a Simple Content Workflow (content management)

To be effective it is smart that all the content, in the form of video, audio or articles, follows a certain flow that allows for publication on websites, blogs, social media outlets, etc. Describe the desired flow from input through output. Also, be sure to include how to share substantive public actions with your social networks – someone will care! The production of content of your own video may take more time, but that time allows you to build expectation.

  1. Establish rules of engagement

How do you communicate and with whom do you communicate? What do you say or what don’t you say? It is very important that you follow our code of conduct and make sure to be compliant. Besides, be sure to include rules and guidelines on how to connect with other people meaningfully. Don’t talk about yourself all the time, be polite and listen!

Work on the premise to encourage, empower, and inform. Controversial topics can create passionate interactive platforms but never engage in a meaningless yes or no discussion. Compelling content, exclusivity and urgency (current Frequency Lock or the upcoming public launch), can be keys to a successful webscape strategy.

  1. Create publishing schedule for each day of the week AM & PM

Consider the following points to create scope and variety:

  • Personal Touch: A few words that show your humanity and approachable side
  • Social Proof: A retweet or quote from someone you know or someone in your downline
  • Something for Search: Rock the world with your keywords: “Cryptocurrency is shaking the world”
  • Value Added: Give a little back. Create authenticity before heroism
  • A Question: People love to give their opinion. It can be on anything, not just cryptocurrency
  • Sweepstakes/Giveaways: People always love to win and or get something for free

Create a release schedule for your top outlets but don’t create impediments nor a simple “share it all” strategy.

  1. Collect content and create a repository

Make sure you have a repository of content to stay at least one or two weeks ahead with the above categories. Compelling content is created as schedules are developed – share immediately and often. As significant dates approach (launches, sweepstakes, trade shows etc.) share more often, add more rich media and create urgency.

  1. Always be brand compliant!

Ensure videos, photos and articles are branded with an appropriate compliant logo and URL to the source where applicable. NEVER download videos from official NetLeaders or DasCoin YouTube accounts to then re-post under your own channels. This is a clear breach of our terms and conditions as well as YouTube’s. Do not post your personal reference links as comments on our official channels. Describe your offer correctly and make it compliant. Do not describe a NetLeaders license purchase as an investment opportunity and do not make predictions on your prospect’s earning potential. Collect likes, followers, contact details, email addresses. Sometimes it helps to think of “paid support” like PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns and Facebook boosts if necessary.

  1. Promote and encourage user generated content

Ask people to create content that talks about you, encourage them to share their experience, not only with you but also with their friends and larger networks. Make sure your friends know they are important to you. Always ask questions, and create ways to respond.

  1. Get help from a social media expert

Using the above guidelines, reach out for additional support help from recognized social media experts and follow the example set by NetLeaders and DasCoin official channels. Take advantage of tools such as to find, follow and fuel conversations. This will help you grow, encourage, empower, and listen to your target audience.