As we continue to gear up for DasCoin’s launch onto public exchanges in April, it is heartening to see our coin named positively in the global media.

A feature in Afrika News begins by naming three coins which are proving particularly popular within the continent at the moment. Those coins are Bitcoin, still the front-runner by far (for now), DasCoin (yep, that’s us) and Zcash, a coin that has been around since October 2016 and features just outside the top 20 coins on


Additionally, a journalist writing in the business pages of the Irish Times earlier this week interviewed a number of people in the world of finance asking them for their thoughts on where cryptocurrency is right now.

Nicholas Charalambous, managing director of Cork-based Alpha Wealth, is one of those in the spotlight. He purchased a NetLeaders executive license, having been introduced to the network by a friend. The article describes DasCoin as “a hybrid cryptocurrency” and details the process of how licenses are purchased. It states: “The company behind it says it’s on the brink of being the first ever mass-adopted cryptocurrency.”

Charalambous’ general view on the industry? “Previously, I would have described cryptos as ‘shares on steroids’; now I would say they’re shares with jetpacks and boosters and then some.”

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