We are at a point in our history where we are encountering more references to NetLeaders and DasCoin in the global media than ever before. While this is generally speaking a positive development, we need to assist the process to run as smoothly as possible. So we asked THO YOW YIN, our chief corporate affairs officer, to write a best-practice guide within the field of social media, correct language to use and how to deal with press inquiries.

We live in a world where information is instant and media is everywhere. A lot of you utilize social media to build your business and propagate our brand online. Properly used, it is an incredibly invaluable tool for our world and can help promote our growth. However, an erroneous message posted online can result in damaging consequences that can work against our efforts.

We have some simple rules to follow when posting on social media:

  • Do relate your personal experience and the benefits of Netleaders
  • Do direct viewers to our website and its contents
  • Do use the latest marketing materials developed by NetLeaders
  • Do utilize the NetLeaders Social Media Workbook
  • Do inform prospects that there are risks involved

There are also some practices that are strictly prohibited:

  • We are not an investment company
  • Nobody should use the word ‘invest’ or ‘investment’
  • Do not show income projections or promise gains
  • Do not display your earnings
  • Do not provide misleading information
  • It is not a ‘get rich quick’ scheme, so refrain from marketing it as such

Finally, advocates and licensees are not to deal with newspapers, television or radio stations without the prior approval of the organization. Any infringement of this will be severely dealt with. Please note that all advocates are independent agents and you must represent yourself as such.

We are positioning ourselves to scale great heights and we need everyone’s cooperation to achieve our collective goal. Adhering to the simple rules above will ensure there is no impediment in our path to greater success.

Tho Yow Yin
Chief Corporate Affairs Officer