Pavle Lekic, Head of Support for NetLeaders, went live on the Weekly Webcast to walk license-holders through the Digital Wallet creation platform, which has been in place since the start of this week.

He also pledged to double the number of spport agents fielding queries from the global member base, and promised that the distribution of validators would be sped up considerably.

Pavle used the online guide from the NetLeaders “Knowledge Base” to explain, step by step, the various stages required to create a digital wallet with our partner Berkeley FS. (Remember, we have already blogged on this process and you can also look through the online tutorial created by Pavle himself.)

Always try to avoid delays around any aspect of moving money around, buying licenses and completing KYC by making sure you upload documents in the correct format and complete all required fields in exactly the right way.

You are, of course, free to ask us questions on blogs or social media – but by far the best process is to access the live chat facility on the NetLeaders or WebWallet site. A small pop-up window in the bottom right-hand corner of those sites’ respective home pages will allow you to start a live chat facility with one of our own agents.

Chairing the Webcast, John Pretto, Director of NetLeaders, addressed the issue of slower than ideal validator distribution. He said: “It’s probably the number one issue on support right now. But they are shipping from our vendor today and should be within the system in two days or so. Then they will be shipped out to people who have requested them. These are typical growing pains for the way the company is growing. We’ve had record sales in the past few weeks so congratulations to everyone.”

Pavle added: “We are reshaping the way we organise the whole logistics behind the shipping which will result in much shorter waiting times than now. I know people are frustrated and we understand that. We apologise for that. Something happened which we didn’t anticipate it and we will soon be able to deliver on the shipping times in the way we promised you.”

The focus for the support teams in both Belgrade and Kuala Lumpur is to recruit a number of additional agents in good time for the public exchange launch of DasCoin at the back end of April in London. In time, additional support will be available from Las Vegas and a live chat support system that is already almost operating at 24-hour functionality will be even more efficient.

Pavle encouraged licensees to share any useful information from the NetLeaders knowledge base as widely as possible. He said: “It’s free medicine and it can fix issues before anyone even has issues.”

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