NetLeaders Director John Pretto has issued an important reminder to license-holders concerning the optimum timing for submitting Cycles. “It’s probably not the right thing to do to submit Cycles until after the next upgrade happens,” he said on his regular Weekly Webcast. “I can’t stress enough how important this is. The best scenario is to hold your Cycles until after the upgrade and then submit them to the Minting Queue.”

John, who was joined by his colleague Michael McGhee on his regular update from the NetLeaders USA office in Las Vegas, added: “I received a handful of up emails from people who mistakenly submitted their cycles before the upgrade and then missed out. It’s difficult for us to sort out and undo – it would be like putting toothpaste back into a tub.”

The next Network Upgrade will take place on June 5, when all Cycles not in the Minting Queue will double. Anybody with any kind of license – other than a President License – should wait until after then before submitting Cycles. If you have an Executive or Vice-President License be aware that if this is your first Network Upgrade you can take advantage of a second Network Upgrade before submitting your Cycles if you wish to achieve your maximum number of DasCoin.

NetLeaders University, the online training modules accessible under the Education tab on the Back Office, is being steadily rolled out over the coming weeks, which will allow the company to scale business rapidly. Michael said: “I want to say thank you to the leaders who have been helping us understand their needs for training purposes. We are working with our compliancy team and are 100% focused on this. When we launch NetLeaders University it will help you grown the business.”

Once fully online, NetLeaders University will offer licensed content that can be resold as retail product. One module will feature a detailed explainer on the KYC process which will boost the reputation of DasCoin and NetLeaders.