The same technology that powers the DasCoin blockchain will be used to develop a new blockchain, built on DasNet, to provide the fashion industry with a cost-effective way of safeguarding designs and authenticating genuine products. Similar platforms for other industries will also be developed in the future.

DasCoin CEO Michael Mathias used the opportunity provided by the regular NetLeaders Weekly Webcast (Wednesdays at 1600 CET) to reveal some of the details around a small private event at the top of the Eiffel Tower sponsored by DasCoin. It will take place on March 26.

The event will feature a fashion show by a world renowned fashion designer know for his fusion of fashion and technology, and further detail will be revealed about how designers will be able to utilise DasCoin’s cutting-edge ultra-efficient blockchain technology to protect their designs.

Michael said: “Because of our very efficient blockchain technology we are the most cost-effective operation. We are reaching out to a number of industries and offering them solutions and the first of them happens to be the fashion industry.

“There are music-related solutions that are coming, entertainment, film, sports… a lot of stuff is coming. Then there’s the true industry blockchains too: insurance, the whole supply chain world, an immense amount of solutions is coming.

“This is just an event for us as an ecosystem to reach out to the fashion industry leaders and let them know about protecting creative works and also for providence, which is confirming the origination of design products to make sure they are really authentic.

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“There are some really interesting solutions that will be happening on March 26 and we will share more information on that.”

Speaking more widely about the inherent strengths of DasCoin’s blockchain, Michael added: “There is a lot of interest in our platform. We believe that with this whole industry the competition is going to come down to what platform you can count on to be future-proof going forward.

“Where can you invest your time, attention and resources to be assured that this will be sustainable long-term and stable? And that’s what has a lot of people who are well educated about the space interested. They can recognise the strength of our model and that’s starting to get around.

“I am in conversations with a lot of different companies and a lot of solution providers. We have an ICO platform that will be launching later in the year. There are a lot of people that understand the strengths of our ecosystem and there’s going to be a ton happening.”

Transparency is an important aspect in the DasCoin ideology. And the next stage in being open about how the ecosystem functions will come when the codebase reaches Github. Michael revealed this would take place at the end of March.

New ledger technology, strengths of graphene

Michael said: “The whole base of our system is built on the BitShares technology that’s called graphene. We’re really pleased we chose that technology to build on. It’s the longest ledger in existence and I think it’s one of the highest performing ledgers and it allows us to incorporate emerging technology.

“I am investigating a new ledger technology that we could incorporate into our ecosystem. Think of it as the best technology solutions in one ecosystem. Our store of value unit, DasCoin, will be built on the graphene codebase. That will always be the case but many other solutions will be built on top of graphene.”

Michael added that leading up to, and beyond the launch of DasCoin onto public exchanges, it remained vital for NetLeaders advocates to buy licenses and encourage others to do so too. “The lead-up to this event is a moment to really take advantage of a great time to reinforce the core message and get people into our system, having a license. The license programme continues into the foreseeable future – that’s the way we create new coins.”

He added: “This London event is going to be so special that you won’t want to miss it. It’s a history-making event.” There may be further major news just before London – there are plans to announce a minimum of one and a maximum of three of the public exchanges that DasCoin will trade on ahead of the actual landmark event on April 27.

“If there is any event that you are going to be going to in your time in the ecosystem this is the event to go to. It will really be history-making,” said Michael. We will be providing tickets for the London event, which runs from April 26-28, in due course.