The new daily opportunity webinars for all NetLeaders Advocates, license-holders and prospects, which began on Monday and continue through until Wednesday 25 April, two days before the official launch of DasCoin onto public exchanges, are proving to be a tremendous success.

The webinars are designed to present the business to anyone interested in finding out more about our ecosystem and the gateway to acquiring Dascoin. We emailed license-holders at the start of the week encouraging them to spread the word and invite as many prospects as they could to the process because this is a great opportunity to build your business with the help of some of our Global Leaders.

The majority of the webinars are in English, however speakers of Thai, Czech and Dutch are also be catered for, as you can see by looking at the schedule below.

All webinars are conducted via Zoom. If you are not familiar with Zoom, it is an online video conferencing service, similar to Skype. Click on the relevant link in good time, say five minutes before your chosen webinar, and follow the simple instructions to join.

If it is your first time using Zoom, allow longer as you may be required to download a programme or app and set up log-in details. However, you will find it is a very straightforward process. Please note, apart from the session intended for our Thai audience, all times below are initially listed in Central European Time while we also show the UK equivalent. All sessions are in English unless otherwise stated.

All webinars are hosted by a top NetLeaders Advocates, who will share slides from the official NetLeaders Opportunity Deck.

Pre-Launch NetLeaders Opportunity Webinars: March 19 – April 25

1800 Thailand local time: Join URL: – THAI language
1600 CET (1500 UK time) Join URL:
2100 CET (2000 UK time) Join URL: – DUTCH language

1300 CET (1200 UK time) Join URL:
1600 CET (1500 UK time) Join URL:
2100 CET (2000 UK time) Join URL:

0100 CET (0000 UK time) Join URL:
1400 CET (1300 UK time) Join URL:
1900 CET (1800 UK time) Join URL:
2100 CET (2000 UK time) Join URL:

1200 CET (1100 UK time) Join URL:
1900 CET (1800 UK time) Join URL: – CZECH language
2100 CET (2000 UK time) Join URL:
2200 CET (2100 UK time) Join URL: