Hundreds of NetLeaders advocates were in attendance, alongside many others, as DasCoin completed a successful launch on public exchanges at a memorable event at London’s O2 Arena on Friday.

EUBX, BTC Alpha and CoinFalcon have all started trading DasCoin and you can read more about the technicalities of these exchanges in an earlier blog hosted on the DasCoin pages.

Michael Mathias, CEO of DasCoin, was confident that DasCoin’s listing on public exchanges was “testament to the interest in our unique blockchain solutions model”. Michael added: “It fulfils the promise of a huge amount of work by DasCoin and continues to build upon the launch of our proprietary blockchain in March last year.

“We are pleased to be partnering with three exchanges, some established and other new innovative market entrants as we continue on this journey. We look forward to announcing many more as we continue to expand our blockchain alliance.”

George Sarcevich, director of WebWallet, had the honour of announcing the exchanges before underlining the importance of self-regulation in the cryptocurrency sector. It is an aspect that DasCoin takes very seriously.

George said: “We need to pay attention to self regulation. The UK and Japan have made great strides. Look for partnerships. A lot of big companies have realised they can’t do it on their own. In Switzerland, Australia, Malta and others there is a regulatory battle around the world.”

One of the guest speakers was Annemieke Dierkes, of BitShares Blockchain Foundation. She said three of the top 10 blockchains in the world are built on the Graphene technology provided by BitShares, and DasCoin also utilizes Graphene. “It is an essential part of blockchain communities,” she said.

Among other developments unveiled at DasCoin: The Evolution of Money

  • A new technical White Paper providing enhanced detail on DasCoin’s technology

  • The CEOs of 10 new collaboration partners were introduced to the audience

  • Das33 – a new platform designed to introduce fresh ecosystem partners

Terry O’Hearn, executive chairman of DasFinancial explained more about Das33. He said: “There are going to be 33 nodes in our system. Das33 this will create a better standard: an informational website describing the technology and standards which will govern our Token Asset Offerings.”

DasCoin: The Evolution of Money – the event at which the coin hit the exchanges – was the centrepiece of three incredible days for many NetLeaders advocates in London.

On Thursday, Blockchain24-7 hosted the Blockchain London Seminar, sponsored by DasCoin. A diverse range of cryptocurrency experts came together to engage the audience with some inspiring speeches.

Bob McDowall, special adviser to Cardano, opened the seminar and said the challenges presented by blockchain – “competition, integrity, interoperability, velocity and scale, incentives” would be “just some of the themes for discussion tonight”.

John Enevoldson of Ocean Protocol summed up the scope of blockchain when he said: “What is the blockchain superpower? Getting people to do stuff by rewarding them with tokens. People don’t have to trust each other, but they can all work together towards a common goal.”

Gilbert Verdian was next on the stage. Representing Quant Network: “The internet used to be closed proprietary networks exactly the same as blockchain. All the networks connected. The internet flourished, and magic happened. The internet of today is the result of the connecting of those closed networks. Why should you be limited to one blockchain? Why not benefit from all blockchains.

“We want to enable applications to function across multiple blockchains. We are creating an ecosystem so that people can access different technologies. And we want to connect the internet to the blockchain. That is what we are doing. Connecting those two giant networks.”

Anil Kumar of 2ClickCrypto, a user-friendly cryptocurrency exchange set to launch via an ICO in September said: “As traders we are excited that DasCoin is launching on public exchanges tomorrow.”

On Saturday, the NetLeaders Global Conference took place at Battersea Evolution. Advocates still had plenty of energy left to enjoy an important training session and we will be communicating details from this event in due course.