Often described within the Das ecosystem as “The Silver Bullet” which can set DasCoin apart from other cryptocurrencies, DasPay remains firmly on course to go live in June.

After reassurances from internal senior management during DasCoin: The Evolution of Money on Friday, there was confirmation from Carta Worldwide CEO Brian Semkiw at the NetLeaders Global Summit on Saturday that DasPay was progressing smoothly.

Carta Worldwide is the official delivery partner of DasPay, which will make paying for goods with a range of cryptocurrencies (including DasCoin) and fiat easier than ever before. It will be a smartphone app offering a contactless payment mechanism acceptable at millions of outlets worldwide.

Addressing advocates at Battersea Evolution, Brian said: “Payments and banking had to change, the processors that were running those banks were old technologies. They would need to have a modern technology system and that’s why we have the business we have.  

“FinTech companies would come into the marketplace and even the banks would start to lean on this technology to become more modern.”

This explains the success Carta has had in helping to provide the technology for other digital payment mechanisms such as ApplePay, Samsung Pay, PayPal and Vodafone Pay.

Brian added: “I’m incredibly excited by the DasPay project and we love working on it. We’re well down the road with the product and and at your next event, which I believe is in June, we absolutely believe we will have that product ready and in your hands.

“There will be a rollout [of enhanced versions of DasPay] after that but I have no reason to believe we aren’t going to make the June date. It’s an incredibly exciting time for all of you in the room.”

He explained how the technology to make cryptocurrency payments work as seamlessly as fiat payments was complex but achievable.

Delegates packed into Battersea Evolution 24 hours after DasCoin was launched on public exchanges

“It’s hard because you are working in a very regulated industry and you are working with networks which are also heavily regulated. If you take crypto and convert it into fiat and have it accepted at a point-of-sale device there are number of discrete steps that have to take place in milliseconds to make the user feel like they are spending cryptocurrency.

“The device needs to see a fiat payment. You need to solve both problems so you are spending crypto but so that a point-of-sale device can receive it. The technology needs to work in milliseconds and that’s very hard.”

Among other major presentations on Saturday were:

  • An introduction to the fully updated Opportunity Deck, which will appear in the Back Office this week and which is being translated into multiple languages
  • Michael McGhee announcing a range of new products available to license-holders such as enhancements to the NetLeaders Academy, an internal travel agency, an app creation tool and much more
  • Important updates on how NetLeaders accounts are being brought up to date to coincide with the arrival of external exchanges, including the news that WebWallet is available to the general public

On the latter point, we have some general advice that details how to update your Validator in order to move DasCoin in your WebWallet to an exchange:

  1. Add the Ledger Manager application to your Google Chrome browser and open it up
  2. Connect your Validator to your computer via USB and input your pin number
  3. In the list of installed applications, find the DasCoin application and click on the “bin” icon to uninstall it
  4. Now click on the green “download” icon next to the “bin” icon to install the new version of the application
  5. Confirm the installation on your Validator device and wait until it is completed