NetLeaders license-holders received a surprise announcement from Michael Mathias about the Das33 platform on Friday. You should have received an email with a 10-minute video in which DasCoin CEO Michael details this exciting new initiative. People will now be able to “vote” on their favourite prospective collaboration projects by using Cycles.

Das33 will launch later this year pilot blockchain partners unveiled. Up to now, Cycles have mainly been used to mint DasCoin but now you will have the option to retain them as voting tokens.

As Michael explained: “There are many more exciting ways to use your cycles. They are stored capacity on this network. How do you unlock this stored capacity? You will soon be able to exchange them for ecosystem services, software developments, cloud-based device, data services, marketing services. Everything that is required to create and support and maintain an application we offer through the ecosystem. What’s happening with Das33 is we’re connecting all that.

“And any of you can create projects and initiate them on this platform. It involves you registering those projects and submitting them to our community. Some of you are entrepreneurs and developers but others are just supports of the blockchain. You will want to back projects and that’s what your Cycles are going to be used for.

“We want to leverage the wisdom of our community so our approach is to use the community members who will vote on which projects they want to support. The voting mechanism is going to be the Cycles. They will transfer them in the amounts that correlate to their interest in the project. The better the project, the more Cycles will be received by that project. So we think this will optimize the way those projects are brought to market.”

Buy licenses with your Berkeley Digital Wallet

Did you know? You can now use your Berkeley digital wallet to make a new license purchase or to increase an existing license. You will find that ‘Digital Wallet’ is a new option among the various payment options offered. We think you will find this a simple and convenient method for buying and increasing NetLeaders licenses. But remember you must have an active account with Berkeley FS which is connected to your NetLeaders account. Our Knowledge Base has a very useful step-by-step guide explaining how to set up and connect a Berkeley FS account.

Connect with the official DasCoin Telegram channel

What’s the best way to hear about the latest news from the Das ecosystem, and how it affects you as a member of the NetLeaders community? Until now, you’ve had the option of tuning in to John Pretto’s regular Wednesday webcasts, plus our blogs, social media activity and newsletters like this one.

But now there’s a new kid in town – the DasCoin Telegram channel. Simply join up through this link and hear from some of the top advocates about their takes on the latest news from DasCoin and the crypto world in general. It’s also great place to get answers to any questions relating to the ecosystem that you may have. The DasCoin Telegram channel encourages healthy debate but is also moderated 24 hours a day, so be sure to stay on topic!


More social media assets in the Back Office

The “bubbleproof” campaign that we initially launch at the end of April to coincide with the launch of DasCoin onto public exchanges has reached the back office. Simply head to the “Media” section of your dashboard, and click on the “download” button that can be found in the bright blue box called “logos and official assets for your promotional activities.” You will find a folder called Bubbleproof Social Assets, and within that are sub-folders where you can find a selection of images, GIFs and videos to help you spread one of the most important DasCoin messages via social media.