Ping, ping, ping! That’s been the sound of NetLeaders account-holders’ inboxes this past week as we’ve brought you some important news in the countdown to Barcelona which will herald a period of dynamic growth for DasCoin.

With just 22 days to go until the launch of DasPay and Das33, we are cranking up the excitement and it all started on Monday with the announcement that we were allowing license-holders to increase existing licenses at their original frequency.

Until June 17 – Get 33% Bonus Cycles and pick up the ‘Original Frequency’ offer

This offer is in place until the end of next week (June 17) so there is still plenty of time to benefit from what could be a hugely beneficial frequency.

Announcing the offer, DasCoin CEO Michael Mathias described it as a way of rewarding the “early movers” who helped build the network and shape it into the dynamic Community of Empowerment that we have developed today.

In addition, all licenses, whether brand new ones or increased licenses, will also come with 33% Bonus Cycles in a nod to the upcoming Das33 launch.

This is a way of us celebrating the importance of June 30 when the first five prospective collaboration partners will be presented to 500 advocates at our Barcelona event.

Cycles will offer more utility and hold greater value as our ecosystem develops, and we are using this period to maximise your chance to get hold of as many Cycles as possible.

Opportunity Presentation: Three languages done, more coming

On Wednesday, we announced that the Opportunity Presentation had been translated into Polish, Thai and Vietnamese.

Many further languages will follow very soon, with Spanish, Turkish, German, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish the next wave, and more coming in due course.

As you may remember, we made a commitment at our Global Conference in London to give you Presentations in your first languages where possible, to make it easier to get your points understood by your prospects. Having translated materials now means you can share knowledge as effectively and accurately as possible.

In order to find our first three translations, head to your Back Office or “Dashboard” and then click on the “Media” section. You will then find the various presentations grouped together (see image above).

Michael hears from blockchain experts

On Thursday, we were delighted to hear once again from a busy Michael Mathias as he returned from the Blockchain For Impact summit at the United Nations.

Speaking on the NetLeaders Weekly Webcast, Michael said the highlight was the closing address from Dennis Kucinich, a former US senator. “He gave an incredible speech about the need for self-regulatory measures,” Michael explained. There was some real momentum that began from that speech on the whole realm of self-regulation that is really needed to preserve the possibilities of blockchain.

“There are tremendous possibilities and we want to make sure those aren’t stifled in any way by over-aggressive regulations. You just got a feeling something major is happening throughout the world and blockchain is really a catalyst. The reception at the end was a great treat. Everyone came away with the feeling this was a really special event.”

Dotpay option removed

Many of you may have noticed the option to purchase a NetLeaders License with Dotpay has been removed. We are currently assessing our payment processors and have chosen to remove this particular payment channel. Remember, we do now offer the Berkeley FS digital wallet among six options. For more information on how to set up a Berkeley FS digital wallet, please follow our helpdesk instructions.