The Das ecosystem has been active for two years, and to celebrate this occasion we are announcing a series of refinements to set in motion a new phase of utility and major growth. The headlines are as follows:

  • WebWallet becomes DasWallet, featuring a new marketplace with products and services on sale
  • Every license-holder gains access to a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software system
  • DasNet app to transform relationship between commerce (our collaborators) and community (you!)
  • Sustained 12-month period of continued utility options, with more products coming on board


One of the most exciting ecosystem refinements is the launch of a new digital wallet system called DasWallet. In preparation for the integration of new features and functionality, the DasWallet went live at 12pm Central European Time on June 18. Over the coming weeks, you will see the introduction of a built-in marketplace (where you can purchase a wide variety of products and services with DasCoin) and a blockchain-based global loyalty program (built on Cycles), among many other new features.  From now on, the place to log into your digital wallet is Check it out and get ready to see a whole new dimension of functionality come to life over the coming weeks! Important: Use your existing WebWallet log-in to access DasWallet.


We have always talked about building capacity within the ecosystem. During the first two years, we worked hard to build out an outstanding global technology network. Now that network has reached a level of scale and maturity whereby we can offer services to other businesses – and that means benefits for you. Consequently, as of June 30, we will be delivering configurations of three new products to EVERY LICENSE-HOLDER since the inception of the NetLeaders license program. The first products leverage the resources of our ecosystem to create world-class Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software systems for small business owners and sales professionals. These CRM systems, known as Smart Business Tools, will form the core of the new license offering, and will provide tremendous value. If the CRM systems are retailed as suggested, there is the potential for each license-holder to realize as much as 299% of the cost of the license! See the NetLeaders website for more information. (Please note: the NetLeaders website is undergoing major changes at present, so please keep checking for updates).

A screenshot from the brand new, fully updated NetLeaders website which features some specially designed illustrations


These are just the first of a series of products that will leverage the resources of our ecosystem to deliver value to the NetLeaders license holders. Expect to see at least TWO MORE products added before the end of this year – with more to follow next year! All new products added to each level of license will be retroactively available to ALL existing license-holders of that level of license – so the value of your original license will continue to grow over time as new products are added!

Each NetLeaders license will still include Cycles – but now the Cycles come as a bonus with every license purchase. Starting on July 2, a new class of licenses will emerge (called the NetLeaders Utility licenses). Here’s how the bonus works with these new licenses: the base amount of Cycles that you receive with your license will be under manual control to submit, transfer or redeem as you like, while the Cycles you receive from any eligible Upgrades will be auto-submitted to the Minting Queue and minted to DASC.


It’s time to shift the whole ecosystem to a higher gear! We will continue to attract entrepreneurs, but now we are asking this entire group of passionate visionaries to begin forming relationships with businesses all over the world. And now you have the tools to do exactly that! The Smart Business Tools that now come with the NetLeaders licenses are the perfect way for you to provide effective solutions for business people in your area. Every business needs to do a better job of collecting, controlling and utilizing the data they are generating with their businesses. CRM is the key to business success!

As we form relationships with businesses all over the world, those collaborators will gain exposure to the DasNet app when it launches later this year. Free to consumers, the DasNet app will optimize time and money for its users in a myriad of ways. The primary dynamic at play will be the massive transfer of money away from traditional advertising and into consumer incentives only available through the DasNet platform. The CRM systems available within the NetLeaders licenses will be the ideal way for members of our community to connect in a meaningful way with businesses. Our DasNet platform will then facilitate deals and incentives that will attract many new customers to the DasNet app. This combination of community and commerce built around a system of mutual incentives will become the model for success of the new global economy!


Now that the infrastructure is in place and the community has reached a point of critical mass, it’s time to massively increase the utility of DasCoin. During the next 12 months, you will see more and more new ways to use your DasCoin. These will include

  • Making purchases with our payment card solution
  • Backing projects on the Das33 opportunity platform
  • Buying products and services through our built-in marketplace on DasWallet
  • Redeeming rewards through our blockchain-based loyalty program
  • Developing blockchain-based solutions using the services natively available from our ecosystem

So get excited about the start of the Year of Utility! And get ready for amazing growth ahead!