DasCoin CEO Michael Mathias addressed the new product focus of the NetLeaders license proposition in the Weekly Webcast on Wednesday.

In his first opportunity to address the field at large following the Barcelona Top Leaders Global Conference, he outlined the advantages of the new Enhanced Utility Licenses.

In conversation with NetLeaders MD John Pretto, Michael said: “The license has a product focus now. When you buy a license you are licensing a smart business platform which is a CRM tool.

“I think what’s exciting is how it’s playing into our strategy. We have value leveraged by the fact we are a global network and can use the capacity of our network. Our new Smart Business Tools package is a customer relationship management system, an entire all-in-one platform for a business to keep track of communications with different customers.

“There are many different features on it – email, social media, content management, things that help a small business stay organised. This allows a business to increase its odds of success, to increase conversion rates and retention. There are so many favourable outcomes for a business from using these solutions.

“A lot of tools like this can be hard to understand and can get confusing. What is exciting about the full array of NetLeaders smart business tools is that they’re designed for advocates to use in building their own businesses. This is a way to keep track of your own data flow. You can also approach any other business in the world and allow them to have the same advantage.”

AlliancePay prototype rolled out ahead of March 2019 DasPay launch

Michael stressed that it was important for advocates to understand that Cycles would still be distributed alongside the new product-focused packages. But he added: “The real meat-and-potatoes of the whole thing are the CRM systems. This is a game-changing moment in our ecosystem.”

Michael also discussed AlliancePay, which was rolled out in the form of a prototype for a select number of advocates: “We got a glimpse into this product and what will ultimately become DasPay and the full end-to-end merchant processing solution. That’s really the destination and an offer that every business will be interested in. Barcelona provided us with just the first glimpse of that.

“We have been actively working with Carta over the last year to bring this solution to a testing phase and the final product will be available in March 2019. The first 500 advocates will receive a virtual card, then a plastic card, and ultimately they will be making contactless purchases through an app. This is what will eventually be rolled out to the entire community.”

Further important updates:

    • The launch of Das33 is now slated for September to ensure the project is fully compliant in jurisdictions all over the world
    • DasMarketPlace will be the name of the platform used to purchase products directly with DasCoin from within DasWallet
    • Cycles will be the currency of loyalty throughout the ecosystem – an entire rewards program is being built around Cycles
    • The next NetLeaders conference will be held on September 29 – with further details coming soon