We’re pleased to let you know that we’re in the process of updating the NetLeaders Back Office with information about local events. We’re also about to start weekly training seminars via the Zoom app and here’s the really exciting one – we will also soon be announcing new exchanges!

New Events tab

You asked for it and we heard you: a new events tab has been added to the Back Office, just below the media tab on the left-hand side of the Dashboard. From the end of this week, information about local events, Zoom opportunity calls and training calls will be posted here. You’ll find this a really useful way of staying on top of all of the activity relevant to you.

Thursday is Training Day!

Pavle Lekic, Head of Support, is holding weekly training seminars on Thursdays at 10am UK time. The first is on August 2 and they continue all the way through to December 6. Pavle is one of the best people in the ecosystem to explain any issues that may be affecting you and by listening to him you can better understand the processes of the business. Each seminar, accessible via the Zoom app and website, will last no longer than half an hour and will feature a short Question and Answer session at the end.

So, set up a reminder to tune into these sessions every Thursday. You may find it helpful to click here to pick up regular reminders via iCalendar.

New exchange on the horizon

In Barcelona we talked about a new exchange that would be listed soon to further facilitate trades in DasCoin. We are in the final stages of onboarding with that exchange and hope to announce it as soon as possible. We have been looking for a great exchange to list DasCoin and we know you won’t be disappointed with this one.  We take listing with a new exchange very seriously to match our global reach. Sometimes the process can take longer then we might like – but the short wait will be worth it. Please don’t ask us to divulge any information until we and the exchange are ready to do so. We want to make the most of these announcements for the benefit of the whole community.

Advocate Presentation in Multiple Languages

Head to the Back Office now to find the Advocate Presentation in 10 languages, with another six to follow. They all compliment the Opportunity Presentation which is also available in multiple languages. Don’t miss the chance to spread the news far and wide about out multi-lingual approach which is so critical to our global reach.

Looking to the future

We have so much planned over the next few months leading up to our annual Leadership Summit in Dubai in November. Please participate in calls, spread our good news after it is announced and enjoy the exciting ride ahead as we continue to build NetLeaders into a true community of empowered entrepreneurs.