The NetLeaders YouTube channel is the place to head to if you want to see a range of brand new training material. We appreciate that many of you prefer to see tutorial information delivered through video, and you can now find the sort of genuinely useful information that YOU have been asking for at your fingertips.

Videos include:
How to Update the DasCoin app on your Validator
The Complete Guide to applying for KYC
How to deposit DasCoin into CoinFalcon via DasWallet
Contacting support in the most effective way

Even if you yourself are familiar with some of the basics about getting the most from your NetLeaders experience, your downlines may find these videos helpful. Remember, too, that every Thursday at 10am (UK time) Pavle Lekic, Head of Support, will be on Zoom for further training seminars. Click here for the full schedule of links that you can add to your calendar.

There is also a big range of video tutorial around Smart Business Tools and our CRM products – simply head to the website for this. As an example of the kind of material we have available, check out this simple guide to buying DasCoin on the CoinFalcon exchange:

Automatic Placement in Binary Tree

From now on, all new users you bring into the network need to be placed in your Binary Tree structure by the end of the week they purchased their license in. If a user is not manually placed in the Binary Tree by that time, they will be placed automatically.

However, you now also have the option of choosing a default automatic placement for the users you don’t place manually. You can choose between placing users automatically in the Left Leg, in the Right Leg, or alternately starting from the weaker leg (so one user will be placed in the weaker leg, the next in the stronger leg, and so on).

If you do not choose a default placement option, all users in your Holding Tank who are not manually placed will be automatically placed in the weaker leg of your Binary Tree structure. Please note that automatic placement only applies to licensed users. Unlicensed advocates will not be automatically placed in the Binary Tree.

Advanced User View in Binary Tree

You can now click on any user in your Binary Tree to open an advanced view with detailed information about that specific user. The advanced view will display the user’s highest owned License type, their total number of Licenses, their Qualifying Title, their number of lifetime direct sales, their network size, and their sales volume estimate for the ongoing commission period. This useful addition provides a
simple and intuitive way of keeping track of individual users in your network.

Free seminar featuring Blair Baker

Anyone able to get to the south-east of England on Wednesday is invited to attend a free seminar on cryptocurrency and the opportunities provided by Smart Business Tools software and blockchain in general. Blair Baker, CEO of Alliance Pay, will act as host and will introduce a unique global digital payments solution. Please arrive at 6.30pm for a 7pm start. The address to head to is Premier Meetings, Heathrow Airport, 15 Bath Road Hounslow, TW6 2AB. You MUST register in advance here >>

Price Formatting in DasWallet

As we’ve previously announced, the price of DasCoin as it appears on the DasExchange (for buying and selling and within the order book) will from now on be in a format of at least 5 decimal places rather than 2 decimal places. This added precision is being implemented to provide additional transparency and to more accurately communicate pricing differences within the matching process of buy and sell

And if you still need help…

We hope you enjoy these new features. We plan on sharing more exciting updates with you very soon, so stay tuned. If you have any questions about this email or need any assistance, please contact our support team at [email protected]