DasCoin is proud to act as sponsor for the BitFest Conference in Amsterdam. Targeted at blockchain enthusiasts, and in particular those interested in the Graphene and BitShares technology that supports the DasCoin blockchain, it will be held in Amsterdam from 21-23 September. The spoken language will be English.

Speakers include two of our own Belgrade-based blockchain developers, Damir Nedžibović and Branislav Zelenak. Also on the roster are Annemieke Dirkes, an official BitShares Blockchain spokesperson whose skills have been paramount to helping DasCoin’s blockchain achieve high speeds and scalability and Ronny Boesing, CEO and Founder of OpenLedger.

BitFest offers a range of sightseeing and dining opportunities for attendees to make the most out of their three days in the Dutch capital. A discount of 20% on the Conference Ticket will operate this weekend, 25-26 August. Just use the code ‘BITFESTDISCOUNT’. But hurry, there are only a limited amount of codes available. Read more about this great offer here.

Also, follow updates on BitFest via:
– Twitter – @BitFest_Amst
– Steemit: @bitfest
– And the official website: https://bitfest.in


Regular users of the official DasCoin Telegram channel will be delighted to know that there is now a complimentary Telegram service which will be providing official important announcements. Whereas the pre-existing channel will continue to act as a moderated forum for knowledge about the Das ecosystem, featuring healthy debate and including content that can be freely shared, the new channel does not accept comments.

This means users will find it easier to find the important news that affects them as it happens. You may find it helpful to switch on notifications for the new Announcements channel to ensure you stay right up to date.



Remember to tune into Pavle Lekic’s brilliant seminars at 10am (UK time) every Thursday. Today, he spoke in some detail about pretty much every aspect of DasExchange. This has already been uploaded to our YouTube channel, while you can also see last week’s guide to AlliancePay in the embedded video shown here. Plus, feel free to download the full calendar of zoom calls going forward here. Don’t forget your regular support seminars!


Vivian O’Callaghan’s most recent Wednesday Webinar can be watched back here. Vivian revealed he is working hard to tee up a series of three webinars next week in which he hopes to unveil a new marketing partner, provide further details about the travel vouchers incentivization scheme and provide some event updates related to Dubai. Stay tuned!