Blair Baker, CEO of AlliancePay, has announced that the proof-of-concept digital payments solution, and forerunner to DasPay, is already generating commercial liquidity for DasCoin following its first 80 days of operations.

“At least 98% to 99% of the coins out there aren’t even thinking about commercial liquidity yet and we are already doing it,” Blair revealed on the regular NetLeaders Weekly Webinar on Wednesday.

Of particular excitement to the community was the news that the first physical AlliancePay cards are in production and almost ready for distribution.

“Physical card testing has started,” Blair told webinar host Vivian O’Callaghan. “About four hours ago I received notification that they have been produced and we fully expect that these physical cards will be circulating by the end of the month, if not sooner.”

Any payment currently made through AlliancePay involves DasCoin being converted to fiat, enabling users to spend at online retailers for e-commerce. Once the physical cards are in use, AlliancePay will be brought into the realms of physical retail outlets (shops) and ATMs (cashpoints).

“People are extremely excited,” added Blair. “We want them to get the physical cards very soon and use them at ATMs, banks and document this.”

Blair said curiosity had sparked him to discern spending habits of AlliancePay users, particularly in terms of the value of individual transactions.

He said: “There is really no discernible evidence at this point it time that starting in a crypto leads to a shift in consumer spending behaviour: our average transaction is €21.64 and when you convert that to US dollars, we are consistent with industry trends and norms related to the prepaid industry.”

AlliancePay has enabled online shopping at many leading global merchants so far, including:

  • Amazon
  • Deliveroo
  • Tesco
  • Emirates
  • Eventbrite
  • iTunes
  • Starbucks
  • PlayStation

The key bullet points from Blair’s presentation  Alliance Pay: The first 80 days were as follows:

  • Blockchain utility and applications successfully created
  • Commercial DASC liquidity is being generated
  • Hundreds of shopping transactions successfully processed and settled
  • Merchants all over the world, including world’s largest names
  • DASC being converted to global currencies, highlighting FX utility
  • Payment card usage similar to global trends and patterns
  • Blockchain and transaction reporting elevate transparency
  • Card usage likely to increase as physical cards circulate – card mobility
  • Proof of Concept strongly validated and now a foundation for DasPay


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