If you are still thinking about whether or not to come to the big Dubai Global Summit (November 21-25) then we’ve got the perfect deal which we’re pretty sure will absolutely CONVINCE you to come and join us in the UAE!

Our brand new promotion is primarily based on personal sales volume rather than purchases. If you are able to sell licenses to a total value of €6,000 euros in a two-month period between September 10 and November 11 not only will you get to go to the event for free, you will also have €500 reimbursed off both your travel and hotel costs.

Our sales-based approach will, we hope, encourage more people from across the broad spectrum of the NetLeaders community to get to a summit that nobody will want to miss. Here’s how it works:

Dubai promo

Please be aware of the following: each NetLeaders license holder (as defined by username) can qualify only once for the promotion. ‘Event ticket’ covers the main conference day in Dubai only, on November 21. However, the first 1,000 event ticket applicants will also gain access to one of the training sessions scheduled for November 23.

The events on November 24 (activities) and November 25 (Abu Dhabi GP) will be ticketed separately. However, if you achieve €50,000 personal sales volume during the promotional period OR €75,000 weak leg volume you will be invited to the VIP yacht party!

Tickets are limited to 2,000 so it is essential that you pay for them first through the Back Office once they are releases to avoid disappointment. You will be reimbursed by us should you meet the qualification criteria. The same system applies for flight and hotel expenses: book everything necessary yourself and you will be reimbursed up to €500 if you have met the criteria.

November 23 – TRAINING (Two half-day sessions)
November 24 – ACTIVITIES
November 25 – ABU DHABI GP

Anyone qualifying for rewards will receive a notification email from our events team at the conclusion of the promotional period. Once all events tickets are purchased through the NetLeaders shop, we cannot hold any back to offer for promotional purposes so once again we urge you please to buy your tickets as soon as possible.

The promotion applies to all sales you make associated with your username only. For any further help, please contact [email protected]. Also apply to this email if you need an official company letter to assist your visa application.

Please note: the previously advertised Dubai promotion that covers the same period will continue to operate for personal license purchases only. In this promotion, applications are based on single email addresses rather than usernames. If you qualify for two different prizes, you will be rewarded with the one that has the highest value. Good luck and we look forward to seeing you in Dubai this autumn!

Additional network upgrades – giving four for every license and five for President licenses – also remain in situ until November 11.