Focus on the NetLeaders core values, have faith in your ability to succeed, concentrate on a targeted approach and remember that effective network marketing is about powerful communication. Once you have read this feature, we urge you to share it with your team so that success within NetLeaders can be duplicated across the entire world!

NetLeaders Core Values

As a NetLeaders advocate you’re one of thousands of voices raising awareness about innovative technology solutions, creating new business opportunities and revenue streams.

When you act as a true role model you are more than a salesperson, you are a NetLeader! Talking to people, solving their problems brings the NetLeader brand to life! In order to be a true NetLeader you must follow these three core values.

The first is creating transformational change for individuals, communities and businesses. By sharing and replicating value we begin to see positive changes among our friends and family, then in our communities, then around the world.

Next is servant leadership which is about sharing duty, and putting the needs of others first in order to perform at the highest possible level.

Finally we have respect and humility. When you are out in the field you need to be open, honest, ethical and genuine.

Dedicate yourself to these three core values and start to make an instant impact to the people around you, and to your potential for growth.

Believing in Success

In order to be successful you must believe in three things. The first is yourself, you must truly believe that you can achieve your goals and become a world-class advocate. Remember that all of our most successful advocates started just where you are now.

Next you must have full belief in NetLeaders, DasCoin and the surrounding services.

We will support you throughout your journey and are dedicated to implementing new tech and business tools that keep the community prospering.  

Finally you must believe in blockchain and incentivize marketing. We are one of the first companies in the world to blend these two elements, and this strategy has already brought us great success. When you go out into the field you must communicate that our offering blends the best of both of these worlds, including wider access to value, economic growth and reduced barriers to success.

Focus on What’s Truly Important

To discover your purpose at NetLeaders first you must ask yourself: why do you want to be involved in this business? Why are you interested in marketing DasCoin to others? If you simply want to make more money, this business may not be for you. You should seek results that impact your lifestyle, friends and family. Things like increased flexibility and the ability to be your own boss should be your end goal.

You should make one short-term goal, one mid-term goal and one long-term goal.

This could be related to a how many hours you wish to work each week, a holiday you want to take or the amount of people you want to meet. It could even be something simple like a present you wish to give to one of your family members.

People Come First

People are at the core of our business. If you don’t like people, this business is not for you. Your success and the success of the business are dependent on each other, so we need to work as a collective, rather than act as individuals with an exclusive agenda.

What we ask of you is to help others get what they want. One of the strongest business principles in the world is the fact that if you help other people get what they want… then you will get what you want.

If you understand and practice the first four points you can now begin thinking about building your business… because this business is about you getting better every day, and truly caring about those that you share your business with!

Your first 72 hours as a NetLeaders advocate are critical. They will define you future success and even the value of your business. As always we recommend attending events to learn about blockchain and incentivized marketing to rapidly grow your business.

Here is what we recommend you do:

Set your goals:

  • Do you want to work full-time or part-time?
  • How much money do you want to earn?
  • What holidays do you want to take?

Use our services – Using our products and services makes it much easier to spread the word about NetLeaders. Familarize yourselves with all aspects of DasWallet, Das33 and more. Be an ecosystem expert!  

Call people in your circle – Your circle of friends, family and community members is the best place for you to start spreading the word about NetLeaders. Make sure you share the full the story and always show your passion for our services.

We hope this article has given you valuable insights! Please share it around with you team. Read the NetLeaders blog archive too!