By Pinakee Naik, Chairman of The Advisory Council

The mission of the Advisory Council Group is to promote a culture of trust, transparency and service within our user community that will empower our NetLeaders Advocates to operate at peak performance.

We also wish to nurture a framework of being Advisors not only to the Board & the corporate team but also to the members. The role of the Advisory Council is to be the conduit between the corporate team and the membership. It ensures that communication flows smoothly in both directions to enhance the quality and understanding of the Das ecosystem. The majority of our members are required to join the official Telegram group to gain a better understanding of the feelings of the community.

Over the past few months the Advisory Council has had an input into many different aspects of the community and here are how its various committees work to achieve a common goal.

Compliance and Culture
Members of this committee have forwarded suggestions to make improvements to the NetLeaders website while also being in constant communication with the compliance officer of the company. They report any social media/digital posts that may not be compliant or are in breach of the company’s rules. A document was also produced to find a more streamlined way to onboard new members onto the Council with some house rules.

Leadership and Training
The Leadership and Training Group have put many suggestions forward. They had a part to play in the recent promotion change for Dubai, and a lot of their direction has been steered from the Telegram group which we believe is a source of great information and provides a good feel of how people feel. Some of these suggestions have already been implemented and we will see more action taken in the near future.

Communications and Events
This group suggested the addition of a day to the Dubai event and we are proud to say that has been implemented so we can all be trained on the new products due over the coming months. Again, many ideas we discuss are from the community and it is a privilege to be able to have some input into ecosystem matters that affect us all.

We feel that the Advisory Council is a crucial element of the ecosystem. The meetings we hold each week, although sometimes time-consuming, are a huge help to the corporate team. They help us build something unique and something we can all be proud of. All the serving members are very passionate about our community.

We are coming up to the Dubai Global Summit (Nov 21-25) and require several additions to the council going forward. For anyone who wishes to be a member of the Advisory Council please email [email protected] with a small paragraph explaining the skills you have and how YOU can make a contribution to the Council. Once the selections have been made, each member will be notified accordingly.