We are delighted that 50 further NetLeaders advocates have today been invited to make use of AlliancePay. This means we can now tick off another major milestone in the journey of the proof-of-concept digital payments solution and forerunner to DasPay.

By adding this latest wave of new digital cardholders, AlliancePay has reached out to well over half of the NetLeaders community who are fully KYC-eligible based on criteria announced at the community’s Barcelona global event in June.

The global reach of the project is also stepping up a gear, with advocates from countries such as Mexico, Argentina, Botswana, Swaziland, and UAE joining the program for the first time. Altogether, license-holders from more than 10 countries not previously represented by cardholders are being invited to join.

This will, in turn, provide AlliancePay with the opportunity to settle card transactions processed in many other currencies for the first time.

AlliancePay can now boast a reach across six continents and dozens of countries. In order to serve as a fully successful proof-of-concept pilot, we ask advocates who have access to AlliancePay to make payments in a wide range of currencies.

Remember, you always have the option of purchasing DASC shortly before conducting an AlliancePay transaction to ensure you are then debited a predictable amount of your local fiat currency.

All transactions using AlliancePay, in which DASC is converted into fiat at point of sale, continue to be made online using digital credentials. However, we can also reveal the time is fast approaching when physical payment cards can be used at stores, merchants, and cash machines around the world.

This will be a really exciting landmark event. And we truly believe it has the scope to create a sense of renewed excitement within the progressive journey of DasCoin-enabled digital payments innovations. We are constantly working hard to roll out further developments, and to keep you informed on the progress we are making step-by-step.