We have some great news to share with you – a new and exciting incentive that will allow you and your downlines to start earning commissions at the very start of your journey as a NetLeaders advocate.

From now on, a new simpler qualifying structure means that you only have to achieve €100 direct sales business volume (BV) on both your right and left leg to start earning network bonus. This change is already active and is backdated to include all business carried out from 0001 Monday 15 October (CET).

Prior to this, things were very different. Advocates had to have €500 direct sales BV in both legs to start earning their network bonus. Now the threshold has come down to a level that will allow people to start earning commissions as soon as they have introduced two prospects to the business even if they each buy a Standard License. Just make sure you put each downline in a separate binary leg – in other words one goes in the right leg and one in the left.

Road to Dubai feedback

We are always keen to help NetLeaders advocates as much as possible, and we’re really pleased we will now be able to reward individuals whose prospects may have limited resources at their disposal. Actually, let’s go further: this is potentially a huge deal-breaker that we are convinced will be eagerly taken up the field. And it has come on board following specific feedback from the Road to Dubai tour which we have decided to act on immediately.

Your network bonus will be capped at €200 per week unless you achieve €500 of direct sales BV in both legs (in other words, unless you reach the old qualifying criteria).

We are very happy to provide you with this brand new incentive, on top of the Dubai Promo – which gets you to the November Summit on the back of €6,000 of personal sales – and the extra Network Upgrades initiative. Both those plans continue until 11 November. There has truly never been a more exciting time to be an active NetLeaders advocate and we really encourage you to pull out all the stops to maximise this period.

Please note: although this week’s commissions enhancement is active now, we ask you to allow some time for the new calculations to be visible within your account.