The first Dubai Global Summit, in 2016, came at a time when NetLeaders was in its infancy. In fact, it was still called CoinLeaders and around 100 people were in attendance.

Twelve months later, licenses were selling fast, and advocates came home enthused by announcements around the impending public exchange launch and DasPay.

Well, we’re fast heading towards the third big Dubai Global Summit and this is truly going to be the most exciting yet.

The incredible headline news that we already know about is this: around 150 people have passed all the criteria to be issued with the first batch of AlliancePay proof-of-concept physical cards. These are currently ready to be despatched directly to Dubai – and that means that if you:

  • Have already been invited onto the initial pilot project
  • Have passed all KYC compliance hurdles
  • Have activated your digital card credentials
  • Are flying to Dubai for the Global Summit

Then YOU CAN EXPECT to be handed your card in Dubai… which so happens to be one of the best places in the world to go shopping. But PLEASE don’t film yourself using the card. We remain firmly in the proof-of-concept phase and as AlliancePay carries the MasterCard logo it is very important we remain cautious. However, Blair Baker has confirmed to us by phone today that you WILL be issued with your PIN in Dubai so can essentially start using it straight away.

Remember, if you are going to Dubai but are not part of the initial group of 500 invited onto the AlliancePay pilot in Barcelona, you will be TOP OF THE LIST when it comes to rolling out the full commercial digital payments program.

In addition to AlliancePay: Travel Club, SmartTools

In the October 31 webinar with John Pretto, DasCoin CEO Michael Mathias said that the “foray into travel” that the ecosystem is taking will be “probably the biggest thing that is going to be announced in Dubai”.

He explained: “We are bringing blockchain technology though our DasWallet to a number of different industries and we are using travel as the first. Travel was one of the first industries that was affected by the internet. It’s an ideal service for the internet and it’s also ideal for blockchain.

“Every license will come with travel benefits that will take the cost of travel far below the cost of what you can get from any of the popular websites. This is a membership structure that will be provided to all existing license holders. It will include hotels, cars, cruises, week-long stays at condos and timeshares and about 50% off business and first-class airfares.”

SmartTools is our branded name for the digital management hub that will allow small business owners to take command of their communication needs. Sometimes finding enough time and resources to dedicate yourself to maximising your contacts and converting leads can be challenging.

Having a system in place to distributing content effectively can help you overcome some of these obstacles and you will be introduced to all the advantages of SmartTools in Dubai.

Contact manager, Email manager, Webinar hosting, Social media scheduling and powerful analytics will all come together to give you a competitive edge.

With all this, plus news that Paul Flynn from Greenstorc will be in Dubai (and the NEXT Das33 project will be unveiled) Dubai 2018 will be a truly memorable week. And that’s before we even get to the Training Day, the Desert Safari, Cocktail Party and the Abu Dhabi Yacht Party. Wow!

Dubai Summit Agenda

(All Wednesday events at the Hyatt Grand Hotel. Transport for Saturday/Sunday events is also from this hotel.)


Main Conference Day

Registration               11.00 – 1.00
Part 1 Dascoin           1.00 – 3.35
Coffee Break .            3.35 – 4.00
Part 2 NetLeaders .    4.00 – 6.00
Surprise!                     6.00 – 7.30


Advisory Council Meeting

Registration                10.00 – 11.00
Part 1                          11.00 – 1.00
Lunch                          1.00 – 2.00
Part 2                          2.00 – 4.00
(Features Michael Mathias from 3pm)
Group Mixer                4.00 – 5.00

Private Leaders Meetings   6.00 – 8.00


Training Day

Registration              10.00 – 11.00
Morning session .     11.00 – 12.50
Lunch Break             12.50 – 1.20
Afternoon session     1.20 – 3.30


Activities Day + Evening Cocktail Party

Pick-up by coach        10.00
Return to hotel             4.00
Cocktail party               7.30


Abu Dhabi GP + Yacht Party

Pick-up by coach        12.00

IMPORTANT: Please note the full event will be recorded and invididual videos will be released the week after the event on official channels for you to watch and share on social media. We respectfully ask you to NOT film any material or take any pictures during the event. If you fail to follow this directive, you will be asked to leave the arena, and will not be permitted to return.